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How to Install a Dish Soap Dispenser

A built in soap dispenser is a perfect complement to a new sink and faucet

A built in soap dispenser is a perfect complement to a new sink and faucet

Today it is common practice to install a dish or hand soap dispenser in the top of the kitchen sink. This is a matter of practicality as well as one of functional beauty. Soap dispensers, like kitchen sink faucets, have entered an era of ornate beauty. While that part of the dispenser that is hidden under the sink is plain plastic or metal, the mount ring or escutcheon and dispenser pump itself above the sink can be crafted in a bewildering array of styles. Fortunately, installing the soap dispenser is a very simple process. The most important aspect is to make sure that you have a sink with enough holes in it to accommodate a dispenser. Traditionally, a four hole sink is used for the purpose.


Some sinks that are already installed have a hole cover in place that covers up the hole you would use for the soap dispenser. If so, from under the sink, unscrew the mount clamp that holds the cover in place. Slide the cover aside and lift it free of the sink.

Installing the soap dispenser

  1. Remove the pump assembly and mount ring or escutcheon from the soap dispenser bottle.
  2. Separate the pump itself from the mount ring or escutcheon.
  3. Slide the gasket supplied over the mount ring stem or apply a bead of plumber’s putty to the underside of the mount ring.
  4. Have someone hold the mount ring centered in the hole of the sink from on top.
  5. From underneath the sink, screw the mount ring nut on the stem of the mount ring and tighten it until the bottom edge of the mount ring meets the top of the sink. A basin wrench, available at most hardware and home center stores, works best for this.
  6. From inside the sink cabinet, screw the soap dispenser bottle on to the bottom of the mount ring.
  7. Clean all the excess plumber’s putty off from the mount ring.
  8. Fill the soap dispenser bottle with the detergent or hand soap of your choice.
  9. Drop the pump assembly inside the mount ring and you are ready to use your new soap dispenser.


Do not use a caulking compound of any sort to install the soap dispenser mount ring or you will almost certainly wind up with a permanent installation.

The mount ring and the bottle may be made of plastic so be very careful not to over tighten them or they will break.

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