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How To Install a Wireless Doorbell System

Doorbells used to be a mechanical device, sometimes connected by mechanical linkage to the chimes, that one raised, pushed, pulled, or twisted to generate a sound within the home. From there, doorbells became electrified. A doorbell installed on the outside of the home, usually near the front door, was connected with wires run inside the walls, ceilings, and floors to a set of chimes located in a central area. Pushing the doorbell button interrupted the current flow to the chimes causing them to emit a sound.

The latest innovation for the ubiquitous doorbell is a wireless doorbell system. You install a doorbell button, called a transmitter, on the outside of the home near each door you want to serve with a doorbell. These small units send a radio signal to one or more receivers inside the home. The receivers can simply be plugged into a wall outlet or they may utilize batteries. Wireless doorbell systems range from simple buttons with one receiver that is preprogrammed for a specific sound to a number of receivers that you can program yourself for the sound you want. They can be programmed for music, chimes, or sounds of your choice. More advanced units come with flashing lights as well as a receiver for sounds so that a person who may be hearing impaired can visually detect a visitor. These wireless units can even be equipped with intercoms to allow you to talk with a visitor before granting them entrance as well as security features like motion detectors.

Most desirable features

  1. One of the most desirable features
    Some wireless doorbells come with an array of interesting bells and whistles like security features and an intercom

    Some wireless doorbells come with an array of interesting bells and whistles like security features and an intercom

    of wireless doorbells is that you can position multiple receivers all over your home so that you can hear the doorbell in the basement, any bedroom or bathroom, or kitchen, virtually any location that is remote from the entrance served by the doorbell.

  2. Another is that you no longer need to run wires through your home or make access holes in the walls, ceilings, or floors to run electrical wires.
  3. Finally, wireless doorbell systems are one of the easiest of do-it-yourself installations. At most, simply screw in a couple of screws and plug in your receivers.


  1. Determine the entrance or entrances you want to serve with a wireless doorbell.
  2. Install the doorbell transmitter (the button) by simply attaching it to the outside wall with the screws supplied.
  3. Alternatively, some wireless doorbell units are attached to the outside wall using a double backed tape.
  4. If you are replacing an old-fashioned hard-wired doorbell with the wireless type, disconnect the power to the doorbell system and remove the old doorbell button.
  5. Install wire nuts and electrical tape over the ends of the wires and push them back inside the wall.
  6. Now, place the wireless button over the hole and secure it with screws.
  7. Determine where you want to place the receivers in your home.
  8. Simply plug them in or attach them to the wall after making sure you installed fresh batteries in them.
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