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How To Replace Your Refrigerator Door Seal

All modern refrigerators have a vinyl-coated magnetic seal around the perimeter of the inside of the door that holds the door closed. This magnetic seal wears out over time, particularly as food is spilled in the refrigerator and that spillage runs down and contacts the magnetic door closing seal. The food becomes sticky and, as you pull the door open, the sticky food adheres to the magnetic door closing seal and pulls it apart.

Replacing the magnetic door closing seal is not difficult.


  1. You need to find the model and serial number of your appliance. It is usually on a manufacturer’s tag on the back of the appliance or somewhere on the inside like the edge of the refrigerator door or freezer compartment door.
  2. Fold back the door closing seal and you will see the mount screws that hold it in place. Remove those screws and the door closing seal will come off. dscn00163
  3. You may have to remove the plastic molded door shelf assembly after you remove the screws in order to remove the magnetic door seal depending on your particular refrigerator model. If so, it should just lift off.
  4. Contact the nearest appliance repair service in your area or an appliance parts company on the internet and give them the model and serial number. They will be able to supply the proper door closing strip.


  1. Clean the door surface where you will install the door closing strip.
  2. If you had to remove the molded door shelf assembly, install one edge of the door seal on the edge of the molded door shelf assembly, hold the assembly in place while you start one or more screws.
  3. Starting at one end of the strip, hold the seal in place and start each screw through the seal and screw it into the door hand tight.
  4. After you have tightened all of the screws hand tight, snug each screw firmly in turn. Try the door and ensure it closes firmly and uniformly.


Be sure to clean up all food spills in the refrigerator as they occur to prevent damage to the new door closing seal. Wipe down the door closing seal each time you clean your refrigerator to ensure it closes firmly and uniformly.

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