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How To Tune Up a Gas Weedeater

Gas weedeaters should be tuned up every spring and at least once during the lawn care season if they see heavy use. Gas weedeaters come in a bewildering array of sizes, makes, and models, but tuning them up is similar in almost all cases.


  1. If you have an air compressor, blow all the debris from the exterior of the weedeater.
  2. Using an old toothbrush, clean the cooling fins of the engine. You may have to remove one or more covers to gain access to the engine cooling fins.
  3. You can use a citrus-based cleaner or hot water and detergent to remove the stubborn grease and stains.
  4. Empty the old gasoline from the fuel tank and dispose of it responsibly. Contact your local hazardous waste facility for more information.

Tuning up gas weedeaters is a fun project for do-it-yourselfers.


  1. Remove the plug wire by twisting gently and pulling.
  2. Using a 3/4″ or 13/16″ deep socket designed for spark plugs, remove the old spark plug.
  3. Install a new spark plug. Tighten it hand tight plus approximately 1/2 turn with a wrench. Make sure it is gapped properly. Most two cycle spark plugs are gapped to .030″ but check the manufacturer’s instructions or user manual for your weedeater and set the gap accordingly with the proper gap setting tool.
  4. Remove the old air filter.
  5. Clean the air filter housing with a clean rag, being careful not to let any debris get into the air passageway or the carburetor.
  6. Wash the old air filter in laundry detergent and hot water, squeeze out the excess, and let it dry.
  7. Put not more than two tablespoons of motor oil on the filter, work it throughout the filter,  squeeze out the excess, and replace the filter in the housing. Make sure the gasket is seated properly.
  8. Check the spark arrestor screen over the muffler. Remove it and clean it thoroughly. Blow all the dust, rust, and debris out of it with air, being careful to protect your eyes.
  9. Check the exhaust and the muffler. Clean them out with a sturdy toothbrush, a small wire brush and rag, or compressed air.
  10. Check the fuel lines and replace any that are cracked or hardened.
  11. Look for the fuel filter, which in most cases, is in the fuel tank. Fish it out and replace it.
  12. Check the fuel tank cap. Make sure it is not plugged, cracked or dirty. Clean or replace it.
  13. Mix the correct amount of two cycle motor oil with the proper amount of fresh gasoline in the fuel tank.
  14. Clean the string head and install the proper amount and size of weedeater string. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions.
  15. Tighten all the screws on the handle, string head, shaft, and the motor attachment point.
  16. Now, you are ready for many hours of happy and trouble-free weedeating.
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