How To Repair a Window Sash

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The window sash is that wooden or metal frame which encloses one or more glass panes or lights.
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How To Sharpen Kitchen Knives

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Sharpening your knives is a professional skill easily learned.
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How To Maintain a Sauna

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There are few experiences more relaxing and healthful than a session in a sauna.
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How To Correct Low Water Pressure

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In older homes, it is not uncommon to find low water pressure.
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How To Install a Gas Burning Wall Heater

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Gas-burning wall heaters come in two basic categories: Direct vent, and standard or conventional vent.
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How To Upgrade an Existing Window With Stained Glass

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Any modern window can be turned into an exciting work of art with the addition of stained glass panels.
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How To Clean a Range Hood Filter

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Range hoods are designed for specific kitchen range configurations.
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How To Plant a Living Christmas Tree

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In this age of environmental concerns and so-called “green” living, planting a living Christmas tree is an excellent alternative to the traditional cut evergreen.
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How To Keep Bats Out Of The House

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There are more than 40 different species of bats living in the U.S.
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